,zam 7 – documentary movie poster
Zam Tour across four Balkan countries 4countries like balkan trip Our main goal was finding mountain biking communities in countries like Bosnia and Hercegovina or Kosovo that were affected by a war only a few years ago, or Monte Negro and Albania that count to less known if you consider mountain biking. In each country, we made great friends who guided us through their local trails and biking spots. We hope you'll enjoy the film and maybe get inspired to travel there by yourself.
motol motolice
Main visuals for the humanitarian concert Motol Motolice. 100% of the profit goes to the Foundation "Národ Dětem" – the department of the Paediatric Haematology and Oncology in the Hospital Motol.
EP lalou
EP Lalou cover + the limited edition of the handmade silkprint poster. The cut and the postproduction of the Lalou music clip.
poster monoskop
poster for the concert of the musican group www.monoskop.cz
train subway – dobřichovice
25 x 2,5 m
červíček s tykadlem – collection of poems
Illustration for the collection of poems from Tereza Hirth Ranná.
mental power prague film festival
main visuals for the festival Mental Power Prague Film Festival. More about the festival in on www.mentalpower.cz
nano snowboard
design for Nano Snowboards. www.nanosnowboards.cz
CD booklet for Oliver Lowe & Talpas – Money or Life 2
,zam – movie poster
,zam: The lifestyle documentary of the expedition to Mongolia, first freeride in this country, departure: from Prague, on the road around 6 weeks, overland: poland,slovakia,ukraine,russia,mongolia and back covering over 15.000km, zam, mean in mongolian language “way”.
monoskop poster
poster for the music band www.monoskop.cz
monoskop poster
monoskop poster
T-shirt design for the HIP HOP KEMP festival
T-shirt design for the HIP HOP KEMP – european hip hop festival
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